Reviews for "Smoking Rotoscope"


That was awesome 5/5 :D

For the animation

Kudos to you for taking the time to draw the animation by hand, frame by frame. (It's a pain in the neck.) Only reason I shorted you a point is that I'd like to see more. Good job, though!


good, but just could you finish it and post it?

OGWelsh responds:

i started making it a year ago and i had a whole story written out. but i just got fed up with rotoscoping because it was so much work for little payoff. i made it a year ago so i thought i might as well show what i finished and see what people think.


i can relate to this video, the way he is acting is very stressed he is moving alot and thats how i feel when i go for a cigrt. this guy under me sounds soooo damn picky
as if nothing is ever good enough! anyways this is cool video add some sound in it man

OGWelsh responds:

you're the first to get the whole move ment of the guy. im happy XD
yeah i never plan on working on this again it pissed me off too much but i might make another in the future with sound

Fantastic animation... but that's about it.

Like I said, the animation's incredible, expecially because it's frame-by-frame, but other than that, it doesn't have anything...
no sound.
no story.
no real entertainment.
I'd say make a finished movie with this style, THEN enter it. It'll do good.

OGWelsh responds:

youre absolutely right. there is a story i wrote for this but i never finished this cause i got so fed up with making it. i made this a year ago so i dont plan on picking it up again. i just thought i might as well put what i did complete on here to see what people thought.