Reviews for "Blood Brotherz"


pretty good movie loved it!

the sticks were cool and ncie fighting, but you could'nt really see them move much, nice sound FX really cool! hope to see more from you in the future! :D

Cool but weird.

Nothing bad to say about this flash it was just weird.

i like it

not the best in flash but decent enough for me

Not the best...

but far from bad. The animation was pretty good and the story was decent, but the lack of sound was kind of a turnoff. I would suggest putting it to a good rock song and some more sound effects. Overall, it has room for improvement, but is definetly above average.

aug550 responds:

just added music

You show great promise, BUT...

...you need more DETAIL. Watching two stick figures fighting in front of a white background is visually boring. Also, the text needs to be enlarged if you want people to be able to read it. Finally, good spelling and grammar make it much easier for people to read, especially at the speed you had the messages coming and going at. Remember, we don't all use your particular slang!