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Reviews for "Spongebob Sickpants"

I watched this as a kid.

sponge bob on tv is s*ht this is better

...... what did I just watch?

This was disturbing yet awesome.
One question: Squidward's Suicide is more like a creepypasta to me. Did you steal the idea or the author of the creepypasta stole it?
(Creepypasta – urban legends or scary stories circulating on the Internet, many times revolving around specific videos, pictures or video games. Video game "creepypasta" often involves a hacked, glitched, bootleg, or beta copy of the game, typically found in thrift shops or garage sales. They often describe gameplay changes which are particularly violent, sadistic or demonic. The term "creepypasta" is a mutation of the term "copypasta": a short, readily available piece of text that is easily copied and pasted into a text field. "Copypasta" being a perverted version of "copy/paste", and in the original sense of copypasta commonly referring to presumably initially sincere text (e.g. blog or forum post) perceived as undesirable or otherwise preposterous to then be copied and pasted as a form of trolling.)

Damn I love Spongebob after seeing this I dont know changes my whole perspective on Spongebob and Patrick Damn WTF Dude u scarred me for life lol. Thx :)