Reviews for "Rotatory story"

Come on people

Sure that wasn't the most beautiful song I've ever heard but it wasn't THAT bad. And what with the awesome style of the drawings and decent animation, this is... definately worth a lot more than 4 out of 10.

RatherRandomReality responds:

Thank you for bringing some logic into this


Gave it a one for decent flashing, but nonsense flash.

RatherRandomReality responds:

Go watch a video game parody and shut the fuck up.


The drawing style is original as well as the rotation concept. The animation is fluid and the only slightly negative thing about this short flash is the music that isn't melodious and catchy enough ;-)

RatherRandomReality responds:

Indeed. How can I make you listen to my retarded music if not accompanied by some visuals. Thanks for taking time to review.


That was just plain annoying with all those weird sounds effects. However, it looked so good job on that part.

Good animation but...

I liked the animation but the song gave me headache