Reviews for "Fowl Play"


This was freakin' awesome. Shitting on birds is the greatest kind of revenge.

Enjoyed it!

I really Enjoyed shitting all over flying birds. The Intro was funny, and made me wanna play the game. The Game it self was hilarious, The idea is awesome. But the game itself is funny the first 2minutes, after that it becomes quiet boring.
The different kind of poos you can makes the game better, becourse you got more options to kill you opponents. BUT! the mill form the Chopper is lame, it kills the birds too easily, so why poop on the birds when you can slice them into pieces in 1sec. The Chopper shouldn't be a part of attacking.

But in matter of facts its a good game.

Jimp responds:

Cheers man :)

well the idea is that to get good scores you need to get high combos. combos multiple your score so if you are killing big birds with 50x multipliers you get shit loads more points!

its pretty impossible to kill all the birds and keep a long combo just by shitting on them, so you use the propeller to keep the combo going. it just adds another fun gameplay element i guess.I suppose the fact that im having to explain this in detail means that it didnt really work and we failed at properly explaining the game though lol :P

You were that close and made this game?

Yea I live near Amsterdam so I know about the bird issue. We use fake birds to scare em off.

You guys rock :O


Awesome idea ))))))) Liked it )))


I have no idea why the combo counter halfed. it simply came from 35 to 21 while in the middle of slicing birds.

Particularly funny game.

Jimp responds:

If you didnt hit a bird in time it will half your combo! If it was literally after you had just hit a bird i dunno, maybe its bugging out!

Glad you liked it though man :)