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Reviews for "avoid;)"

at least dont let me right click cheat

1 star because it was a game. terrible animation, music, and just all around bleh. i beat it in .5 seconds

mikkim responds:

Umm... your supposed to cheat?

That was a waste of space.

It has only one level for seven megabytes. Phail.

mikkim responds:

It also has a preloader and a win screen. Phail to YOU!

this is alright, but...

The graphics could be redone, it looks more like scribbles than a maze or whatever. Also, you could put more levels in there, as only one level is more a waste of time than anything fun.

mikkim responds:

its an avoider not a maze

7.1 mbs!

the game is good, but 7.1 mbs!

mikkim responds:

I don't know what caused that, really!

This is a maze..

Not a mouse avoider.

mikkim responds:

no a maze does not have touch walls and your dead but it does have multiple paths
not a maze retardedNINJA666