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Reviews for "avoid;)"

R u guys retards!!

All u do is right click and press zoom-in as much as u need to its really easy

mikkim responds:

Yeah, It's easy to cheat. :] . Thats just the way it was meant to be.

thumbs up

now thats my kind of music
hai faiv!

mikkim responds:

why do people give tens beacause of music???


Well I give it a 5 cuz I dont know shit about actionscript
AND Because this mase is almost impossible to beat so I cheated and won yay

mikkim responds:

Good job on the cheating part.


total time waster, i mean that in a bad way. bad animation and hardly consider a "game"

mikkim responds:

What animation??? AND IT IS A GAME YOU ID!!!


I know you're taking a lot of heat, so i'll try to be nice.

Well first of all, to the other reviewers, it is a mouse avoider game. Mazes don't mind if you touch the walls.

I couldn't beat it because i'm using an optical mouse on a hardwood table, but it does look like some awfully tiny holes which should be extremely difficult for the msot steady-handed people.

And what's with the massive filesize? Is like half of that the song or something?

Sorry, but nobody likes this. Good thing you made it in your spare time and not for a career.

Perhaps try something different next time?

mikkim responds:

I don't know what the size is up about, but yeah its meant to be hard noob. Ever heard of CHEATING?