Reviews for "Cake Quest"


So, the cake was the truth?

This changes EVERYTHING!

awsome game love the farts

XD theres really nothing els you can do to make the game better unless you wanna change the game


lol it's pretty funny that u have to be fat to run

good but...

its a great game but im stuck on the third level

Level 10 Solution!

The solution for Cake Quest's Level 10 is as follows:

1. Jump up to the ledge with 6 pieces of cake and consume them all
2. return to the black/gray stripped compressible platform and push it down
3. With gas, run right over the water and into the row of grey blocks underneath the two brown blocks, breaking them. Break ONLY 3 boxes!! (takes practice)Do not use all of your gasl; just enough to break THREE blocks. *IMPORTANT* don't let the brown blocks fall, stay underneath them! (takes practice). If you break only 3 grey boxes underneath, the brown block should still be supported over your head
4. With the brown blocks still sitting on your head, use the rest of your gas to run to the left and jump across the water, returning to your starting location. YES IT CAN BE DONE!! (Takes practice) Becareful not to break the single grey box sitting to the left of the 6 cake platform, you need this one!
5. Jump on to that single grey box on the left of the former 6 cake location and on top the platform
6. Continue right and push the brown box down to the right. (this is why you need to break the 3 boxes below and ONLY 3 boxes!
7. Push the brown box all the way to the right, and jump onto it, allowing you to jump to the finish cake!

I hope this helps,