Reviews for "The Schwarzenegger Dance"

HILARIOUS ( throws head back laughing )

i thought that scary movie was funny! well, i didnt throw my head back laughing, trying to hold something in my throat from liek cutting outta my skin. I was on the verge of death, SO FREAKING FUNNY, MAN, IT WAS LIKE THE BEST THING. a suggestion, make visible magenta colored pantys for him... when you shoot him make more blood gash out, the reason why i gave violence a 10 was when his head fell off and the rest happened. GOOD JOB NEWGROUNDS!!!!!!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!


This is definetly one of the better games that I have played.

Stankiller can't spell tu-tu!Not takin'the piss!!

I'm really not takin' the piss.THIS GAME IS PUKKA!

That is so mean...

I almost couldn't pull the trigger on the little guy...*sniff sniff*...oh well!


i remeber this it bring back memorie