Reviews for "The Schwarzenegger Dance"


It wasn't very good but I still played it at least twice. Good for a snicker.

nice game josey and the pussycats

hey josey and the pussycats nice game all thou it was very crappy graphics and the music sucked balls but anyway it was funny to see that beloved peice of crap bite the dust from 2 shots oh and i think Nodeaddognogowoof needs to take some chill pills and stop spazzing i mean its just some fruitcake from the terminator


it was ok.... but two things????
Got boring.

I would like to commend you on graphics and sound, because those were very good. And style. Good plot. In a violence based game though.... Was mildly funny. Average. 3 overall.
You did an OK job, regardless of some minor drawbacks.

What THa HEll

I didnt get the game The music was annoying also.try and do a better job

Pretty funny, but...

Very simple. Too simple, actually....even though it was good. Arnold dancing was hilarious, but if he saw this he would destroy you!!! TERMINATER style!! Mwa ha ha ha!! Oh well, Arnold is cool, this flash is ok, and congratulations on spelling his last name right. I could never do that!