Reviews for "The Schwarzenegger Dance"

Okay i guess.

THis had no fun element in it at all.


i only shot the git for killing Tookie. Only reason it got a 10.

Very bad...

I can understand that this is an "Assasin" game and it is REALLY OLD, but what the heck man !
This game is very bad...
Senseless violence is always fun, but there should be more to this game. Also get some new music, the track sounds like it's coming out of a crappy two dollar music box. Better luck next time. Style is so bad that I'm giving this a 0, and there is not any Graphics. Violence is just an crappy paint brush tool..

But you got 1 whole million of views, Assasin page, and whohoho so bad game...


that was quick

like i said...

oooooooo that felt good killing that annoying jerk

Comment same as the heading of this reveiw.