Reviews for "The Fat Anime Collab 3"

i dont even know what to say.....

for the first time in a very long time im absolutely speechless........


I'm surprised that there are so many fat anime pictures on Google.
I can understand you did it for the lolz.

10/10 5/5

Well people who have reveiwed below me. Obviously you don't read titles, if you didnt want to see a bunch of anime fat chicks then don't veiw. This flash was obviously made for comedic purposes and as a joke on all the hentia stuff this site gets. SO if you don't have humour for things like this don't veiw it simple as that, I personally thought it was funny and quite sickening so good job!

be happy

the only reason i gave it a ten is because i find the intermission great. everything else was messed up

Real Nice

I love fat girls, fat anime anything that is fat (except men) so this really go me going ;] Send me those pics :]

10 Stars.