Reviews for "The Fat Anime Collab 3"


I'm trying to figure out where the highly detailed boobs came from a few scenes before the intermission. Those looked like they came from a decent flash or something, and I must know where!

I love anime but,,,

This made buddha's balls hurt. I guess it would be funny for a 10 year old otaku but... ugh. Anyway animation wont that great and sound was okay. over all I give it a 5/3. Maby work on animation skills and actualy animate it next time insted of useing a bunch of pictures off the web.


Well, someone earlier said:
"Oh, and you know what they say about how the most vocal anti-homosexual activists also show the most suppressed gay feelings?

I think I'll leave it at that."

So, by that logic, anyone who voted a "0" or vehemently protested this collab actually sat there fapping it.

Meh, it was okay. I think 3 of them is plenty enough, though. Didn't look like it took much work, sorry- it's just a slideshow. The funny little things you put in between the pictures were amusing, though. :]

That was.... Interesting xD

You know that somewhere out there, this is someone's fetish.


i lol'd but then it got old.
also for mattjamesR that song is called "Mr. blue sky" its by ELO = Electric Light Orchestra