Reviews for "The Fat Anime Collab 3"

MY god.....

i have had the misfortune of accidentally runing into everyone of these... and one made it to the front page!? funny but absolutly the most terrifying thing i have ever scene..... *shudder* but its like a car accient you YOU CANT NOT LOOK!!!! AHHH!!!!! props on the front page... but god how do you go out looking for that stuff!!!!???

i suppose this truely proves that *rule 34 it real.

*rule 34- any porn that you can think of can and will be found on the internet
even if you think of a new one 10 sites will instantly pop in to exsistance.

so to avoid this QUIT THINKING OF NEW FETISHES!!!!

:D 10/10 5/5

FatBadger responds:

I don't go looking for this stuff, it just seams to pop up. We're just bringing it to everyone's attention.


Mmm, some of those well-drawn ones were pretty nice. Some damn pretty ladies there.

I survived it.

Awesome Fat Anime characters! They were so sick and queer that I had to like them. I'm glad I didn't die halfway though! XD

Too good.

The people that give low score must be new to newgrounds ( iv been here pretty much from the start). any way this is some funny shit.


wasnt my thing but the title is "the Fat Anime Collab 3" and it is a collab of fat anime 10/10