Reviews for "The Fat Anime Collab 3"


Amazing as always. Hilarious.

I loved the Earthworm Jim injections.


It was okay, and yes I'm sure most of us agree that it is indeed "Fucking Gross", but, I was expecting a tad bit more. That being besides the point still 10/10.

Review and question.

That was pretty crazy. There's something oddly intreaging about The Fat Anime Collab series.
Not that I enjoy looking at images of fat anime chicks. I just find it funny that you guys search this stuff up so we can get together and laugh at it. :)

Also, I was interested in finding the name of a song. It was played right after the opening credits. It also played right after the first scene of the city titled 6/6/66. While the song was playing. It had an image of a fat chick with blue hair while her hair, skin and clothing colors changed.

What is the name of that song?

Glad to know there are other fetish hounds on NG

Yeah man, all i can say is 4-CHAN RULEZZZZ


It made me wet my wet pants!!