Reviews for "The Fat Anime Collab 3"


First of all, you people really need to take this as it is. Plain out absurdity. Seriously, get a sense of humor guys. Second, the front page items, as stated before, are hand picked by the NG staff. It's there because THEY like it and think it deserves some spotlight time.

Now as for an actual review, great job guys. As always it brings a smile to my face just to see random shit like this. Randomness is one of the things that makes NG great.

Is this supposed to be funny?

What the hell is this doing on the front page?, the pictures arent even funny at best, the sound effects are awful, the whole project is a total joke, yeah sure laugh at the fat anime chicks but in a comdey context not just pictures with randomly unfunny sound effects. Sorry this has to be one of the worst flash colabs ever.


I'll have to agree with those who agree that this isn't front page material. Its not funny what so ever. its just stupid anime pics of fat chicks here and there with pretty lame sound effects and randomeness. It could of been A LOT better. anyway thats just MY opinion.


I'm not gunna lie

I'll agree with a lot of the assholes that don't believe this is "front page material"

All the same though I did have a couple laughs out of it and it wasn't TOTAL waste of time, I suppose.

At any rate.... um.. Well it was everything it was advertised to be, so in that, great job!

even though its totally fucked UP!!!

you still gotta give these guys their props for making this sick twisted slideshow. I had my EWWWW, AHHHHH, WHAT THE FUCK, HOLY SHIT, AWWW MAN, SICK, and HAHAHAHAHA THATS FUCKED UP. it made me laugh, cry (inside), throw up on myself, and its alright. i bet half you guys who rated this down are fat fucks yourselves.