Reviews for "The Fat Anime Collab 3"


it brought tears to my eyes... i couldn't stop laughting... they are soooooo...mhm... big!


that was, really really disturbed. that is all I can say about this.


I gasped, then I laughed. I gagged, then I laughed. I was shocked, and then I laughed. Fat Anime is certainly an eye-opener of a subject but mostly for all the wrong reasons except this piece. But like I said, I was usually disgusted but then I laughed, but oddly it worked and its quite brave to post something like this. Props.


it only good when there hot an not fat but i almost barfed please an try an do beter like make the graphics beter

It doesn't have to be animated to be good I guess.

Major loz. Fat people make me sick & this obsession with fat anime that so many of us in the DA community have is simply strange. I gave you guys an 8 for this simply based on the LOL factor but seriously, put some effort into any further additions to this series. I'm not saying that I could do any better but if you're gonna have the cajones to du this subject mater you'd better back it with some animation & other skill. Grat movie though.