Reviews for "The Fat Anime Collab 3"

This is so frikkin' sick it's funny.

I completely understood the point of this flash: give us some fat anime chick to laugh at! Some of the pics really were funny, and some were just............just.......... really sick and disturbing to see. The things that did get me to burst out laughing were the sound effects. Without them, this probably would have gotten a three in my review. I mean, who wouldn't bust a gut hearing that girl who kept vommiting? I also liked the intermission with the person and the fully automatic pistol. Overall, I think this flash should have a score of at least 2.53/5.00.

I had a feeling...

Somehow I knew that Konata would make an appearance in this flash before I even watched it. Very interesting flash, though somewhat disturbing.


It was desgusting but priceless, i oved the girl who vomited serveral times, that was hilarous!!!

a pritty pointless flash

there wasnt much point of making this video
u wasted ur time


I don't quite see the point in this video, even though most videos don't really have a point.

This just seems a little tasteless.