Reviews for "The Fat Anime Collab 3"

Glad to know there are other fetish hounds on NG

Yeah man, all i can say is 4-CHAN RULEZZZZ


Why would ANYONE want to see a bunch of anime fatties?!?!?!

It's not funny.... really dude, it's just plain pointless.....

So disturbing, you should be shot.

I nominate this flash to be "Turd of the Week". How you managed to get Front page with this abomination is beyond me.

Review #400!

Damn I got to say that was disturbing and sexy at the same time. So much fatness so little time. I swear if you make a fourth I'm going to lose it. Sexy job by the way.


I appreciated it, i'm not into fat anime chicks but though it was funny!
Instead of a slideshow, why not try to make a little movie about fat anime chicks, dunno, maybe they could be battling between each other, like japanese godzilla stuff, with the fat wobbling lol...
Good times, good times