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Reviews for "-River Flows In You- (vd"

Love it!

The piano mixed in with synths and bass really well- overall a great mix. Pretty darn happy too (especially that key change near the end- wasn't expecting that) ;) Keep it up man.

viewtifulday responds:

Hey, thanks for commenting!

Loving it

This is by far the best remix I've ever heard of the song man. Patt yourself on the back for this one!

viewtifulday responds:

Thank you so much!
And btw, you should go on YouTube and check out the remix by Lumin8--that's a really good one as well :D


I almost cried. :')

viewtifulday responds:

Really? Haha, I'm honored :D

Simply Marvelous.

Oh my gosh, this is beautiful. I've always loved both versions of The River Flows In You (the original and the Winter special), and now I have a third one to love ! Truly beautiful. It sounds remarkly like the original, just the right touch of mixture to it to make it definitely and unremarkably unique.

viewtifulday responds:

Thank you so much! It means a lot :D


I'm not familiar with this song, but it sounds good. The bass synth really sounds good. :) The whole thing makes me feel good. Congrats! :) It's very upbeat, but i do feel like it needs a little more relief. Instead of ending the song with the piano part, put that in front of the key change. That will give the key change more significance, and the softer part will act as a bridge. idk, See what you can do with it. :D

Hope this helps. :) If you want, please feel free to check out my channel.

viewtifulday responds:

Thanks for the feedback! And you're right, the key change needs a little buildup, haha. Oh well