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Reviews for "A Travellers Tale"

I was looking for sad, piano pieces for a documentary I'm making.

This isn't it. but what it IS is one of the greatest songs I've heard on Newgrounds. excellent, excellent, excellent.

MarkySpark responds:

Wow! That's a great compliment. By the way if you want sad piano pieces look no further :-)

I can totally see the travelers tale in this song... This song just takes you to a world like no other music can do. No complaints... its beautiful, makes me want to post some of my own piano music. Awesome track man.

MarkySpark responds:

Thanks Ryan

Instant Favorite!

Play piano myself, but I'm a serious amateur compared to you.
Sir, I bow down to your greatness!

I've cried listening to your pieces. They're just so magnificent. Especially this one.
They're just so flawless.
I am a big fan of pieces like this. I own some incredibly beautiful OST's made by very famous composers.
But your music. It has the same feel. It's more than perfection. In fact, everyone one of your pieces are like a little story. One full of tears, of joy, love, friendship, happiness.
I can't quite express how much I love your pieces. But I hope you always continue composing.

Loved it from the very first note :)
Well done mate :P