Reviews for "A Short Flash about Clams"

Pretty good

I enjoyed it alot. My only suggestion would be to make the voice of the Elder Clam clearer. I had had a hard time understanding it. Otherwise good though

that was sooooo funny!

lol the clams were sooooooooo funny!

Two Words:

I came.

Very artistic! 9.4!

although this has great screen-play and a reasonably decent storyboard. the main attraction of this is the art, i only wonder how many lines had to be drawn just for the bread and champange sences. Also, i have to point out doing this kind of thing takes massive amounts of one's time. Thankyou for your submission to newgrounds ZombieLincoln, and i look forward to your next great peice of flash-art.

Well done.

Really good but I dont think it deserves a 10. I can tell you put some work into it though.