Reviews for "Toonslayer"

Incorrect Rating

The graphic is well done expect for the rating. It should be +13 or "M" rated due to violence and blood effect. Change the settings since there's kids coming here

I'm not sure...

YOu get 10 stars entirely on account of the graphics, which are indeed excellent.
But, you got the colors of the PokeBall and Pikachu wrong.
But good, though, though I wish it wouldn't keep repeating.

Like the toon but...

Like the toon but... you know at the end it showed the toonslayer covered in blood it should have been either rated M or T but like the toon.

oh no

you scared my puppy with your evil laughter

i agree pointless

rarely anything worth having is coming out this movie incuding your poor judgement about the movie its not for children its fore mature for 1 good reason blood full of it im disappointed in not the movie im more disappointed in your poor judgement