Reviews for "Toonslayer"

funnt as hell

dude come on he beat the living crap out of him. you got to know when to stop.
but its still very freakin funny like it.


you killed the crap out of him
and why the hell is he pink???
i give you a 8

sad face

the banana man killed pecachoo. i cant spell worth shit

Great animation, unoriginal concept.

Artworkwise, this was fantastic. Everything was perfect if I judged completely one the artwork. The only thing I counted off for was exactly what you stated in the author comments, the movie doesn't have an original concept. Mindless bashing of Pokemon is what this site was built on, but there are way to many of those kinds of flashes on this site. I can tell you're creative, but this didn't pass on originality.

The voice you used for Ash, Pikachu, and Toonslayer were all very good. It was really creepy when Toonslayer was breathing heavily at the end, but he did it so often that I actually got a laugh out of it. This was a decently amusing flash, I liked it. Congratulations on your two awards for this flash and keep up the really good work!

need to make more

you need to make some more maybe a little longer.