Reviews for "Toonslayer"


It is very good. But one lil thing, the toon slayer is a toon, is he not?

Fucking kill that pickachu!

Yes! Fucking kill thta fucking cunt pikachu. I HATE GAY POKEMON! CURSE THE CUNTS TO HELL!


Really awesome..!! I really like the graphics of the toonslayer dude, can u teach me plz, I mean it..! Thanks for making us laugh.!! :)


lol looked pretty cool.lets see how the movie turns out :P

That was great

How is that appropriate for all audiences? it should be at least mild violence. It was still great, and good ol pikachu got what he deserved. Did you know that in yugoslavian, pika means vagina? I think its pretty funny if that game is sold over in Croatia without changing names of monsters