Reviews for "Toonslayer"

That was great, Loved it

Having a big bad guy chopes some poor hated celebrities always do something good if you have talent, and you have talent! This is really funny, keep up the good work!

Nice graphics and sound, not much substance.

This may appeal to the average Newgrounds fan because of the blood/violence/anti-pop message, but then again, that crappy Max Payne movie is #2, so what do they know? :)

The nice timing and animation doesn't make up for the lack of substance. The movie just amounts to some guy with an axe chopping up a Pikachu ripoff. That's it. Nothing else there.

This is the equivalent of those "death" stick movies that pop up 80 times a day on the portal, only with better skills behind it. You should devote your time to creating something with some substance - it could be great.

I think that counts as a faint....

This was a good gory movie all around


That was mad funny!!!!! You should make more. But next time, please make a preloader and a play button. That was great. Thanks for makeing it. Later.


wow, that had better animation and drawings then the real pokemon. Not that i watch it....