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Reviews for "Covenant Dance Hardstyle"



It feels like you went off course a little. It didn't feel like a covenant song. It was too wild too erratic. It's a good song yes but not for halo. It's a little repetitive but the synth wasn't bad. The melody was definitely dance but the theme was off. Not bad but it still could use a little work.

megahulk responds:

Thanks for the comment, I do appreciate some constructive criticizm. :)

Not bad, but not exactly good either. I'd like to see a trance version of it if possible.

sorry to say mate but this sounds so bad

megahulk responds:

Okay... I could use a little more construcive criticism. Why don't you explain what exactly sucks about the song, is it too repetitive, does the synth suck, is the melody crap?... etc. Please try to criticise more detailed next time. If you just say it's bad, that doesn't help me to make better songs and it's not that i don't want to improve and keep producing crap...