Reviews for "[FUSION] - Airwave"

So friggen grood!

This is dangerously good...

You deserve SO much more attention then you are getting. I sincerely hope the best for you. I can only hope to one day acquire such skill.

Keep them coming -Fusion-... there is no force on Earth that can stop me from listening ^^.


WOW man, you got skill, just one thing, It would be even better if it was long, but in overall great job.

(VG remaker)

This is your finest work to date

I mean that, in general I am unimpressed by most of the music in the trance catagory, your work, and this piece especially is VERY impressive. I do wish it was a bit longer, your main groove is simple but compelling. I love what you are doing here and look forward to hearing more from you. (Would a longer version be out of the question?)
Thank you and keep going!

very nice

the style i usually make, add me to MSN, "cobaltgecko@hotmail.com" love to do a collab.

one of my faves

sad that this will never be finished because this seems too short and this is so original.