Reviews for "[FUSION] - Airwave"

one of my faves

sad that this will never be finished because this seems too short and this is so original.


I used to love this song. I tried remixing it a while back but I never finished. Anyway, good song, brings back memories.



The beginning was kinda hard to listen to, but it improved at 0:15 with the beats. I liked the techno groove at 0:27. Then when you kicked it into full throttle at 0:42, that was the best part. The ending was a nice outro part, although could've been smoother. Good trance tune, just add a little more styles into it and incorporate a longer, feel-good sound.


one problem...

i love this song but i wich it was longer and all i know loves it to but they wich it was longer to.

very nice

the style i usually make, add me to MSN, "cobaltgecko@hotmail.com" love to do a collab.