Reviews for "[FUSION] - Airwave"

So friggen grood!

This is dangerously good...

You deserve SO much more attention then you are getting. I sincerely hope the best for you. I can only hope to one day acquire such skill.

Keep them coming -Fusion-... there is no force on Earth that can stop me from listening ^^.

you are the shit

thats all i have to say.

check minez
i2 (rabbitz)

Well done

Fresh and crisp sounds. I'm new to this site but from what i've hear so far, it's cut above the rest.

Fusion responds:


Really nice

this trance song is the shit love the syth tip beat...very smooth... not much more 2 say other then sick job


The best Song I ever Heard...Fusion you have a great future...I can see that...Much Luck and I waiting for the whole song...