Reviews for "[FUSION] - Airwave"

Pretty awesome s#it

Awesome song. I love the intro where the song is all blury, and then it comes clear. I love this tune! Although it is a little short... Pretty original! I'll give you a 4/5! Raise your rank a little LOL!

Great! :) Just great!

I love the melody.. You've got great melodies in your tracks! Nice atmosphere again! Good shit!!


This is your finest work to date

I mean that, in general I am unimpressed by most of the music in the trance catagory, your work, and this piece especially is VERY impressive. I do wish it was a bit longer, your main groove is simple but compelling. I love what you are doing here and look forward to hearing more from you. (Would a longer version be out of the question?)
Thank you and keep going!


WOW man, you got skill, just one thing, It would be even better if it was long, but in overall great job.

(VG remaker)

You deserve a review.

Seriously this a very well arranged and professional sounding track. But as soon as I got into it and i was expecting something amazing to some from it, it just cut out.

I can understand if you cut it out if you gave us a taste of the melody firrst, but you didnt! You just kind of...gave us a 'melody tease'... a damn good melody tease, but it didnt sound like the real thing. The masses demand hard trance leads and awesome drum programming to be pleased >:(

Lol, I kid, I kid.

I will be truthfully honest, if i heard this track at a music store, i wouold be bored with the beginning. I probably wouldnt have enogh patience to get to that awesome bass pattern. Maybe just cut out the beginning and start the song out with maybe some glitch drums, or the offbeat bassline.

I really like the synth work, even though its all presets... you should try making your own synths, man. Not to be offensive to you or anything, but it makes making music so much more challenging, and fun. Really, it does. It even gives you originality :D

Awesome work, but maybe you should consider giving more than just a teaser to newgrounds :)

PS: The song Airwave is a progressive trance song, that was even remixed by DJ Tiesto. If you ever wanna show the masses this track, maybe you should change the name. Just giving you the heads up :)
And maybe you could check out my music sometime? I've only got one track up, but that is soon to change...lol.

Fusion responds:

Thanks for your review and your critical comments, i go to check what i can change about it.