Reviews for "Tom & Wade fight the spam"

no fighting but still good

it was funny and a good idea but no fighting

Pretty funny.

I did enjoy all of the references to classic war movies and such, I thought this piece was well put together. The animation was pretty good and the storyline was clever. I thought the voices were silly and the music added to the dramatic tone of the piece. It contained a lot of effort for something that was submitted on Clock Day, I actually got a couple laughs from it.

I thought you could have at least attempted some of the voice acting instead of simply making the characters shake when they talk. Most of the flash was motion tweening too, which was kinda dissapointing. I didn't count off for this, but I thought that the way you animated Wade made him look more like Mike. Anyway, keep up the good work!


I was hoping it would get into something good.


i totally agree witth the fighting spammers theme and all.
but the animation was weak. it was just two pictures being moved back and forth to the audio with a background. and the end was really abrupt. REALLY abrupt.

lol...but seriously

well it did make me lol, but i think you could've put alot more effort into it....although the bad animation adds to the humor...at least lip synched or drawn background would've been a nice touch