Reviews for "Rock Your Clock"

Loved it...

It pwned,

Decent graphics

Decent animation...

Overall 10/10 5/5

Voodoo responds:

why thank you sir ;)

my god

that was awesome, specially the beginingXDD

Voodoo responds:

Thanks, means a lot. :)

awesome stuff.

yeah, what can i say, it was fraggin sweet.

Voodoo responds:

Its Fucking sweet, thats what it is. ;)


loved it. I liked the animation alot to. You even did a bit with the credits lol.

Voodoo responds:

Yeah, I didnt animate too much for the credits. Took me only an hour to do. :P


i loved the length, the music, the shining reference, the animation, and basically everything about it. good job, it rocked my clock

Voodoo responds:

Oh stop, you'll make me blush :3