Reviews for "Rock Your Clock"

The Shining

Nice Red Rum or spell it back words Murder reference from the shining that was a good movie, or I just think you made a reference idk really but hey you get a 10 for it.

Voodoo responds:

yeah, I watched the shining during the time I was making the movie. ;)


that was a good flash and that pretty much how i wright my name out too

rock out with my cock out

loved the idea.... and especially loved the Tenacious D refrence... MONSTER MASH!! my favorite clock day flash so far... gj slodd

Voodoo responds:

I'm glad someone noticed it :)
thanks for the review


i loved the length, the music, the shining reference, the animation, and basically everything about it. good job, it rocked my clock

Voodoo responds:

Oh stop, you'll make me blush :3

Actually not bad.

I liked it. Good animation all in all, and grats on front page.

Voodoo responds:

Thanks :)