Reviews for "Rock Your Clock"

Good stuff.

I really liked this Clock flash,i loved the style of animation and the song went very good with the video,the concept of the flash was great and it had a lot of humor to it as well so overall i really enjoyed this and i think you did a great job on this Clock Day 2008 contribution of yours.


I love love love the names of the guitars and their representations. So funny. Storyline reminds me of Tenacious D. I liked it.

Voodoo responds:

yeah, I did use ideas from Tenacious D,The shining, and The Wall.

I liked it

It really showed the "crew" in a mature light with a modern day twist. I give this 4/5 7/10, congratz on front page link.

Voodoo responds:

I concur.

Woah, great!

That was the best tribute I saw to Clock Day yet! Great job! =)

Voodoo responds:

Thanks :D


That was one Hell of a good tribute. xD

Voodoo responds:

well thank you c: