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Reviews for "Strawberry 2095"




sounds damn good...

Bloody hell :O

I have listen to ELO before... but i did not think that they could have such a heavy/ dark sound. Don't get me wrong, im not saying that they are like TON now or something, but .. did this open my eyes and hear for a new side of them.

The video is just amazing. It is like the song is made for it.


The art work was very good, I especially liked Strawberry Clock and how his clock kept moving the hands when they were moving positions, the shaddow and overall making of him was great as well. The movie seemed to flow perfectly and I liked the mulitple clock faces moving past being transparent infront of him. A good clock day flash and music video using a nice song, overall enjoyable to watch and it is clear you spent a lot of work on making it.

awsome flash

this was a awsome strawberry clock video