Reviews for "Scope: First Clock"

umm ok

the same game I played 20 minutes ago but with f****** clocks! pointless. but all your other games kick ass you got potential. I give you a 4/5 because the first 1 was good but like I said this is kind of pointless=/


That was just like the original with 100% more clocks!

Just as good as the original.

I loved it. I will now replace a few words with clock. I shot everyone in the [clock], except for that one guy who whipped out his [clock], then I shot it off. I also like that the achivments from the 1st game are saved onto this game as well, so if you unlocked an achievment on the original it's on this game, and vice versa. However, with no additional content besides the clock makeover, that takes away form the experience, so that exlpains my score. What a pain i the [clock], huh? Later.


Scope@ First Clock

Rofl, the guy who pees against the tree has a clock for a penis...

other game

the other game is exactly the same...exept for the clocks