Reviews for "Scope: First Clock"


This is a remake of another really shitty game!!!!!

it good

are you nuts it says scope first clock not scope 2 scope first clock is like scope first blood because the name is allmost the same


haha... same as the first series. Only that their heads are CLOCK???!!!
Still hoping for a better one...

I do't get the point

I like the shooting type of games but it just basiclly the same as the first isn't it?

P.S please author reply

p.s.s Clocks + snipers+ game=BAD

I dont understand why you all hate this

Yes its not a sequal but does it SAY scope II. NO i does not iy says Scope: First Clock i know that it is exactly the same but look at the desribtion you DWEEBS Scope is back, this time with 100% more clocks. it clearly states that it has clocks so why would this be the next part? i really like this game its really fun to play i think its better then the original cause you snipe clocks lulz the gameplay is amazing you didnt stick to the Basic noir scence when it comes to these games you added some colour but still retained that little bit of noir which is great. the music makes the games feel suspencefull which is another amazing thing about it. my favourite level is when you have to shoot the guys genitals and its a little Clock (cock) lol taht was really funny. level 4 was the most annoying when you had to shoot the cigarents out of the clocks hands i think it was pointless and just a space filler. level 5 was second my second favourite because you shoot a snich it wasnt taht fun but i hate those kind of people anyway i love this game and as i said befour its better then the original 9/10 if you made it a little longer DEFINATLY 10 but ill still 5 this