Reviews for "~Delta~ Clever Mind (Club Mix)"


this was one of those song when it come s on you download its awsome keep up the good work


Those snaps at the begining were really well put in place, overall is an awesome peice!

Keep up the good work! Hope you make more~


i think that this is pretty good for a wip, i plan to see great things from you, keep up the great work

Now this is House.

Thats the exact type of house electro I need. Relaxing, awesome music that helps you in any thing you do. Nice job!

P.S: I was going to press the submit button now and mentioned that this song is WIP. So its more than 5 minutes of awesomeness? DAMN, CANT WAIT TILL ITS FINISHED!

Lovin' it!

Found out about you through Trancecrafter. I'm surprised you AREN'T more famous. The music is just so... chill. It's upbeat, and I have absolutely no suggestions to make this song better; you hit the spot! Well, best of luck, now that TC has mentioned you. :)