Reviews for "~Delta~ Clever Mind (Club Mix)"

Regarding my ngadm review

dont you hear the horrible smiley face eq going on dude? For real its excruciating

aliaspharow responds:

It's called a vocal EQ. I let allot of room for that most of all. I may have over did it a bit and i did start to notice. Was working on it today.

Awesome stuff!

You surely showed some talent in this House tune, man. I really like the expression and style in the chord progression. The background synths sounded sick too.

On the other hand, you put in a lot of reverb in this track. It did have a very nice atmospheric touchy feeling to it, but as a result the song lacked some energy. Also, I did not hear a lot of bass. Perhaps you should lower the reverb, and increase the bass and mid frequencies of your mix to really make this track pumpin'.

Keep up the good work, I will definitely be looking forward for more of your releases.

Could you please review me back on my latest House submission? I'm not the best at it, so maybe you could help me out on it. :)

~ Luxomni

Aw yeah

Good dynamic transitions, melodies, and of course, superb mixing!

All the swirly pads and things blend together really well. Another great song.


fantastic prog house. that kick is so so tasty. vocals will take this to a whole new level; good luck!