Reviews for "~Delta~ Clever Mind (Club Mix)"


Those snaps at the begining were really well put in place, overall is an awesome peice!

Keep up the good work! Hope you make more~

Suits a nice cozy room

Great tune here, nice punchy kick and sort of lead. The whole song relates to the tittle which is good. For a 10, i would like to hear the full version of it :D. Cheers mate!
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this was one of those song when it come s on you download its awsome keep up the good work


One of the best submissions I've had the pleasure of stumbling upon in a while, Job well done

This is beautiful! :D

I love the chord progression you have here! The piano is awesome for an intro. the master is so nice and clear! I love it! But the sidechain got a little annoying with the piano intro Then you have that cool square lead coming, it sounds so bad ass along with that fat bass synth. Then those good old trance chords come in. Great job with them, maybe add a little more variation with a lead over them. I assume that's where you want to aadd your vocals.
I like the climax melody you build with in the break down. It sounds super good along with that super slidey lead. One thing I don't like is that at the breakdown you seem to fade the volume out and that isn't that great...

Anyway, It's still an awesome song! 5/5 9/10 Download!

-DJ Babokon

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