Reviews for "[cd08] a clock day story"


Why guys? Why don't you guys see why this is sooooo awesome? you all suck...
Good Job jonthomson :D

Not much effort

That might not have taken much effort to make, but I'll give you an OK rating just for the cute kittens!

What did you do...

Hack Newgrounds? This does not have a score to be in the top 50. It isn't good or funny. Try harder, and make your own graphics.

jonthomson responds:

keep drinking that haterade


This was in the top 50 when I found it

How the hell....?

Although the story was ok... I was really expecting something....better (graphics animation, length, etc) but I was dissapointed there, I would really like to see the clock crew make something worthwhile once in a while compared to this crap.