Reviews for "Luxomni - Fresh Meat"

Cleaning my room and can't stop dancing.

It sounds like some fighting game music... and I love fighting games. And I love music. Its delicious.

Luxomni responds:

Sounds orgasmic! You should definitely listen to my latest House submission to. You'll love it, trust me. :)

ehh good job

i would give it a solid 100% but it repeats for ever and feels like its leading up to something really cool through the whole song but never reaches it

Luxomni responds:

Totally agree with you...



Injoy OiO ENvyJOY

"i love the drum beats, keep the world groovin"

Kinda repetitive

Well, a 6/10 from me is already good for ya. Nothing changed at all throughout the entire song. Try listening to more of the house music. If you think im just a critic, listen to Retro from me and you'll know ;)

Luxomni responds:

My recent House submission has more variation, if you prefer songs with more melodies. Listen to that and then tell me to 'try and listen to more House music".

Thanks. :/