Reviews for "Luxomni - Fresh Meat"

Hey ;)

Hey man, really awesome track you have there :)
I like the clean & tight mix, and the way this track flows!

Here's some things I'd change:

1:35, I recognize the crash sample :) Try layering multiple samples, and/or adding more effects to them to create a more unique and original crash sound.

3:07 I feel like there should be some kind of chorus here. The extra bass is a good start but I think there should be a bit more going on.

The overall song feels too repeatitive. I'd shorten it a bit (less long buildups, faster intro's & outro's). And add some more leads to make things more interesting :)

5/5 - 4.40 / 5.00 (+ 0.15)

Keep up the good work!! You're a very promising artist and definitely have alot of talent :)


Luxomni responds:

Thank you, sir.