Reviews for "Touch My Tetris"

Cant play tretris the same.

How on earth could you make tetris sexual?
That aside good flash keep them up :3

LOL EskimoBoy!

This was HiLaRiOuS! Not what I was expecting but better! Definitely find it to be original. Keep up the good work! P.S I am also an old school Tetris fan...LOL

It Just Didn't Do Much For Me

The animation was kind of funny, but it kinda felt like you had a bad idea and mad a OK flash out of it. Yes, I am having a hard time trying to explain what I think. It just could have been funnier. It needed more... substance or something. But it wasn't really too bad. OK I give up!


haha! thats great I was playing some old school Tetris earlier today. your timing and FPS seem good! I have no advice for you just some encouraging words! keep up the good work!

SuperJeffoMan responds:

:) Thanks bro, that means a lot to me

could be longer

maby like 2 more minuits long