Reviews for "Touch My Tetris"


nice! I always play tetris on my mobile phone but I don't have this version ^^;)

pretty gosh darn good.

well, i liked it.

SuperJeffoMan responds:

Thank you ;)


Funny. Didnt really get the ending though.

SuperJeffoMan responds:

It's understandable, the ending might be a little confusing if you're not familiar with Tetris for the NES. Something simliar happens once you get a high score at a certain level of the game. I'm glad you found it funny :) Thanks for the review.


Kinda weird to see such a classic portrayed that way, but I lol'd.


Im kinda shocked , i mean turning such a classic this way? lol now ive seen everything , i used to play this when i was a kid , thanks to you its a come back
twas real funny
congrats on the daily feature you did a great job and it was decently delivered ..

SuperJeffoMan responds:

Thanks dude