Reviews for "Touch My Tetris"


rule 34 stikes again!
i like this: funny and quick.


I always wondered what - if anything - Tetris was all about, aside from being a popular old school game.

*Glares left, then right*

This probably isn't it, but you get ten points for the funny euphemism.

Long piece is here....HA!!!

That was freakin' great!!! And with original tetris souds!!! Classic!

Lol, awesome.

That was great. Nice style of art. Good job.

SuperJeffoMan responds:

Thanks bro

I like it!

It was ashamed to see that guy get into a fight only because he tried to stop the other tetris piece. I like your Tetris parody. Please keep up the good work

SuperJeffoMan responds:

Thank you very much