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Reviews for "My Distraught Tendencies"

me too

i love/loathe michael keaton too.

wonderfully done

why so serious?

FREDDY MERCURY !!!!!!!!!!!

emmy, u know i love me some freddy mercury !!!! i haven't seen any of you vids in along time. i watched this one and micheal keaton is dead and they are really funny !!! see you over thanksgiving break !!


Well...that was unnerving and intriguing at the same time. Though i wouldnt call it a distraught tendency anymore. Insanity Complex O_O Imma try making something like this when i'm either high or drunk...or both XD

Very touching, in a disturbing kind of way...

How this could get a 2.5/5 I have no idea, this and all of your other videos are simply amazing, though saddening and somewhat scary... I love how you manage to put whatever's going through your mind into animation- something a lot of people are afraid to do for fear of being judged; you don't seem to be afraid of what other people will think of you, I respect that a lot. At face value your flashes look like spam, but honestly they all carry a deeper metaphor, a glimpse into your mind. Take Alfred, I'm starting to wonder: Is he your portrayal of yourself? Or are you trying to show the world what thoughts go through the mind of someone truly neglected and disturbed, even if not necessarily yourself?

Either way, I've watched all of your submissions and I'm very impressed with each one of them. You're very good with bringing to light problems that many people face in an indirect way, and whoever tells you you're not normal because of it can fuck off. Don't listen to them, they just haven't read into the true meaning of what you're presenting...