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Reviews for "My Distraught Tendencies"

wonderfully done

why so serious?


That brought several tears to my eyes. I went through only a phase of Keaton lust, but you "suffer" from it so severely. Good luck, my little ding-a-ling. My wing-ed maestro. The empress of my unforgiving lesbian agenda.

emily-youcis responds:

OH i am so very happy that someone else loved michael keaton. I type 'michael keaton is sexy' into google, and only 4 people say he is!! But here, you are a kindred spirit! I hope that it made you laugh as well as cry, for that was my intention. The common fangirl's obsession is comically tragic.


I'm also a little confused. I give you a six for having beetle Juice.


There are many confusing things about this movie. I'm not really sure what I think of it, except that I know it confused me, as it is confusing. You know? Except the title; that fits very well.

me too

i love/loathe michael keaton too.