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Reviews for "My Distraught Tendencies"

Apparently I missed this

I guess why I love these so much is that Emily makes them seem so... well, effortless & seemless, like they're a straight pouring of her mind onto canvas. Behind the scenes, it takes a flash artist a lot of time and energy to produce the frames, art, sounds, etc ... to gather all the resources to make the movie, then time to actually MAKE the movie. But when you watch this, it's as if none of that took place. It's as if she had everything she needed right on the spot and just did a one-shot out-take that followed what she was thinking for 5 minutes, and this flash is the end result. It's as if she was a flash DJ re-mixing things on-the-fly, and she could just control all of the animation, sound, images, etc at the speed of thought to convey what she's thinking, feeling, etc. You see the same in artists doing drawings, their pendulum of emotions coming out differently in each part, depending on how each part makes them feel. I don't know. Maybe I'm not conveying my thoughts well here. But it was interesting seeing the stark contrast of obsession / love going on in the first part from the girl's stand-point, and then a flip switches as it goes to the guy's stand-point, and all he wants is T & A. Sort of bitter turn on the obsession as she thinks he'll only love her if she's a hot, young piece of ass and then he'll only love her for her body and not her. At least she doesn't go all Marquis D'Sade and try to kill him in the end. Maybe that's part 2... Good job! As always, the audio adds tons to the flash. It was very touching and disturbing at the same time. I almost had to turn it off when it became emotionally painful to listen to at certain times (IE: the crying and the breakdown). I really felt bad. And, I still feel bad, because by gushing over this, in a way, I'm sort of feeding your disturbia. It's like watching a train wreck. I'd like to prevent it if I could, but I'm really curious to see the end result. And I think that makes me a sick person. Anyways...


Well...that was unnerving and intriguing at the same time. Though i wouldnt call it a distraught tendency anymore. Insanity Complex O_O Imma try making something like this when i'm either high or drunk...or both XD

FREDDY MERCURY !!!!!!!!!!!

emmy, u know i love me some freddy mercury !!!! i haven't seen any of you vids in along time. i watched this one and micheal keaton is dead and they are really funny !!! see you over thanksgiving break !!

It's strang but...

I find many of your movies very relaxing as background sound. I wish I could run this, Alfred's Playhouse, and that other title that loops normally (I forget the name).

I'm not going to pretend I know exactly what your aiming for but that's the best part of what I get from it.

U know this is crap and you are piece of shit

U know this is crap and you are piece of shit
This is famous suffer and despair for your own pity and you know that know that :D
hahaha! You are so weak and miserable and you think someone gotta pity you? Well. I guess you can find someone but better not DO THAT... DO THE TRICK WITH the more you life picture in the sky the well done not matter of your choice. And agree it is pleasure to know with apple about tree. My mind is count people I not count with math tactics but now I try to tell you who are you anyway to know?
Who take you to the mars after all you have done?